So what is interesting...

Well professionally I am what is known as a client or person-centred therapist.
But I also 
incorporate a number of other ideas into my work with clients, including creative drawing exercises, 'transactional analysis' and  what is know as 'empty chair'. Some of my areas of therapeutic interest include: people, relationships, masculinity, addiction, purpose, anxiety, anger, sex, pornography, depression & spirituality. 
Qualifications-wise I have a Bachelor Degree in Counselling and am a Provisional Member of NZCCA.
I also tutor on the counselling program at Vision College.

More personally, 
I am married to Ruth and together we have two young sons. 

Other than the journey toward being a whole person, I am interested in old Triumph Motorcycles, well planted veggie gardens, vintage fighter air craft, community development initiatives, pizza ovens, books with swords on the covers, music played with passion, steam trains, forests, children flourishing, authentic spirituality, sustainability and people doing really well at being themselves. 
Oh and watching movies and going for walks on the beach. 

So yeah, it would be great to see if we have what's called a 'good therapeutic fit' and to begin working together.
Please feel free to give me a call if you would like to chat though anything to do with counselling.


At the start I could not imagine how meeting with Campbell was going to help me. I guess I didn't even really know how counselling  really worked, I believed I did, but na. Anyway, I was in a real dark place and he got that and over time he really helped me to understand myself, how I ticked, and then to grow. Awesome stuff. - Tony

I would say that counselling with Campbell has completely changed my life! Yeap I don't think that is an understatement. It took a while, but we got there. - Jeff

Honestly I didn't even know what was really going on with my addiction, what it was really about. Campbell helped me to cut though all the grap and see clearly. First time a counsellor actually understood me. - Jason

He was good. You should go. - Aaron

Thanks for everything. I feel like it really is ok to be myself. No not ok, it is good to be me. Being me is the best I can be and it's enough. It's a bit of a first. - Brin