Hey man, I know what it's like.

We feel like we should be able to sort it ourselves.
It's kinda a suggestion of weakness if we can't.
We don't like feeling weak.

When she brings it up (again) it feels a bit like she's saying we're weak or 'not enough'...   (she probably just being supportive)... but we don't like that, it don't feel good... because we are trying pretty hard to be strong and 'enough'. 

So we say we'll sort it. And we hope we will.
But we don't.
Because we can't. We're stuck.




But it's right there man!
That stuckness is where you need to get to.
It's the beginning of change... the beginning of the
'new, better you'. (cheesy but true). 

Yeap just like all the media stuff says we do need to 'talk about it'. But we also need to be listened to in the right way. I guess that is where I might be able to come in.

Let's talk!     (and listen)


Counselling with Campbell

So yeah counselling with me is pretty down to earth.
We make a time, grab a seat and talk about where it is really at for you.
Then about where you'd like it to be at, and finally a bit of a plan of how to get there.       

Struggles with feeling depressed, anxious, worried, sad, worthless, lonely, hopeless, confused, dysfunctional, addicted, angry, powerless, abandoned, ashamed, confused...  and hassles with relationships, drink, drugs, identity, porn, communication and kids, are all things we can talk about. 


I'm making it all sound pretty easy.
But I know that it isn't always. Some of the issues you might want or need to talk about could be really hard or painful, you might not even have the right words yet.
It can take time and I can help with that.

In the meantime I want you to know that (although I'm a trained counsellor) I'm also a fairly normal Kiwi bloke.

I am interested in all the usual stuff: 

- old Triumph Motorcycles

- well planted veggie gardens
- vintage fighter aircraft 

- computer games
- community development initiatives

- pizza ovens

- books with swords on the covers

- music played with passion (basically heavy metal)
- steam trains

- forests

- authentic spirituality 

- Warhammer

and people doing really well at being themselves. 

I am married to Ruth and together we have two young sons, so I know a bit about the struggles of being a Dad too. 

Thanks for reading this far! I hope to hear from you soon. 


Just ring me on: 0277493065    or email campbell.langford@gmail.com

Thanks! Message sent.


Fairly normal.