We offer a peaceful and compassionate spaces for you to explore your well-being needs, taking into account all aspects of your health. 


Everything said in counselling is kept in complete confidence. There is however one important exception to this; if it is felt that you or anyone around you is in danger. In this scenario your counsellor will talk with you about any concerns and together you will discuss what steps may need to be taken. You will be supported to make any hard decisions that are needed to increase your or another's safety.


A written summary of important details of your session maybe made by your counsellor. If so, this will be securely stored in a locked cabinet and will not be able to view by anyone else. You are welcome to request a copy and/or to read them. 


We are both bound by and committed to the Ethical Guidelines of our Professional Associations.


As your counsellor it is very much part of our jobs to communicate clearly with you. Among other things we will ensure that the allotted session time that we spend together does not run over, and we will be clear with you if we see any potential 'conflict of interests' in our working together. 

Possible Effects of Counselling

The nature of discussing difficult/challenging issues is such that uncomfortable/painful emotions may be evoked. Normal responses to this hard personal work can be low mood/feeling flat or increased anxiety/upset for a period of time. We will discuss and check in regularly about how you can access your support network and if necessary boost your self-care between appointments. 

If you feel at any stage that our sessions are not meeting your needs we can re-negotiate and we will do our best to adapt or work differently as per your needs. 


Should you feel unhappy with any aspect of your counselling please tell your counsellor and they will do their best to rectify your concerns. If either party should need to cease the counselling arrangement, you counsellor will seek to negotiate with you an appropriate and valuing ending process, in order that together you may 'finish well'. Any sessions that are paid in advance that are not used at time of finishing will be refunded.