Couples Counselling with Ruth

Communication, is nearly always at the heart of relationship difficulties. When we can't get past our unmet needs, defensiveness and old hurts it is very hard to trust and feel safe with our partner or spouse. A big part of my work with couples is to slow down both the speaking and listening to each other, in order to really get to grips with the core issues so that trust and safety may be repaired. 

Just like we tune and service our cars, we can also tune and service our relationships by paying attention to the parts that are not working as well as we would like. It takes courage to turn up for couple counselling – nearly all of us prefer to keep the un-ideal parts of our lives for the privacy of our own homes. But it's like anything of value – we will only get out of it what we are prepared to put into it.
So if you know your key relationship is not what you want it to be, give me a call or make an appointment and we can talk through how I can support you. 

Couple Leaning Against Reel